02 : EPs, noisy vagabond

transient – quietest [nvr032] mp3

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A befitting conclusion to the ‘quiet trilogy’ (quiet ep, quieter ep) and presenting ‘the quietest ep’. Take 20 minutes to put your feet up and relax to this collection of piano and orchestral ambience.

02 : EPs, noisy vagabond

transient – quiet ep [nvr012] mp3


An ep’s worth of quiet and solitude, written over a two day stretch while gazing out the window at small soft snow flakes drifting in the wind. An entirely different direction for me, consisting almost entirely of live soft reverberating piano music. Starting with the orchestral simplicity of “snowfall”, then “quiet01” & “quiet02” explore two different piano works, the first structured, and the second improvised, raw, and imperfect. The ep ends with a track from a dream in “twin flame” with subtle beats and a floating drone.