You’ve reached noisyvagabond! The home of c. ‘transient‘ martin (aka beat.dowsing, fascinating earthbound objects, harmonic defiance, quietest, and some others.) I’ve been delivering strange and eclectic electronic music  since 1992 which you will find within. Almost my entire catalog can be had for free download (now over 500 tracks) released for the most part with Creative Commons licenses. If you like what I do and are interested in supporting a true independent musician please consider picking up my discography which includes my entire catalog of music as well as a bunch of fun extras like my artwork and software! Just hit the picture below for more information. Thanks for visiting. –Carl


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quietest – cold [nvr043]


Complete Release (.zip)

Continuing on in the tradition of the ‘quiet trilogy’ released as transient on noisyvagabond (quiet, quieter, quietest) I present here the first release as ‘quietest’ which will be the host for my ambient and relaxing output going forward. Here is six tracks composed in 2011-2015.

quietest-no longer in your heart04:32
quietest-quiet morning05:07
quietest-the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen is the night dew on your skin in the pale light05:11
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beat.dowsing – washed.out [nvr042] MP3 (Extended Edition)


Complete Release (.zip)

Originally released via trmbl music. Since the original release has been pulled i’m re-releasing this one on my noisyvagabond label with a couple of bonus tunes (an unreleased beat.dowsing tune, and a billie.dowsing tune which is a tribute to one of my faves Billie Holiday) Enjoy!
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Harmonic Defiance – Language of Light [bump201] MP3


Release notes

Transient is one of very important musician to netlabel scene. He has appeared in many labels (Monotonik, Miasmah, Camomille, Kikapu, Laverna, Observatory Online, Ogredung, One, Phonocake, Soft Phase, etc.) with many releases, along with his own label Noisy Vagabond. Harmonic Defiance is another moniker of Transient for techno / dance oriented stuff. Here comes the first release under this name.


Track list

  1. The Endless Corner (5:53)
  2. Everything Is Love (6:18)
  3. Airtight (6:20)
  4. Sunface (4:52)

MP3, total time 23:23, total size 42.6MB


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transient – apathy 13 [qvr001] MP3/ART PACK


transient – apathy 13 EP [qvr001] 2015
released in Apathy 13 artpack under the Quiver label (Apathy was an ANSI art group I was involved with in the BBS days, this pack is a reunion/tribute pack. Quiver was the music subdivision of Apathy that I ran. This is the first and quite possible the last official EP length release for Quiver ie QVR001.)

Over 30 artists participated in the release. Download/view the pack which includes the Apathy 13 EP here.


01: tirtha
02: mycrow
03: tablerock
04: 9 cornered
05: without you

transient – apathy 13 ep @ archive.org

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beat.dowsing – rising.currrent [phoke109] mp3/flac


Release Text:

Good bye, old self,
welcome to the new century,
no matter, when it begins.

The power lies inside the calm. And beat.dowsing again enjoys us with his new album, full of sunny n peacy tracks that warm the winterly hemisphere and properly heat up the current summer hemisphere.

Phonocake is honored to bring this full length downbeat electronica release by beat.dowsing a.k.a Transient, one of the first musicians who were active in the world wide web.

And big up n thanks goes out to Kaylee Kopas for providing the great piece of visual art.K00PS.tumblr.com/

Release Page
Full Release (MP3)
Full Release (FLAC)

phokes109 BY  BEAT.DOWSING

renegades (4:13)

non.time (5:03)

goodbye (5:59)

one becomes two (5:18)

it’s up to you (7:13)

bird.tribe (4:33)

heatwave (3:54)

forbidden.territory (4:45)

undeniable.sequence (3:34)

10 rising.current (4:29)

11 microscope (5:51)

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