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Includes my entire discography (1993-present) and lots of random extras (well over 500 tracks in total) in MP3 format on DVD.

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And So the Game Has Gone (The Game) [Ep. 01]
‘And So the Game Has Gone (The Game) [Ep. 01]’ is an art as game platformer based on my album of the same name as ‘fascinating earthbound objects’.
The adventures of a star called down to earth to resolve a brewing conflict. Plagued by Youfos and Looms it sets out to spread happiness throughout the lands. Armed with the power of the raimbro which has been developed through meditation the star leaves nothing untouched. Spread Happiness! Harass birds! Discover hidden art galleries! Shoot raimbros! Be the 8-pointed star!
Download :  Windows Executable  // Web Based : Chrome Webstore // Newgrounds // Clay.io
Note : Xbox 360 controller recommended.

Upcoming Releases:harmonic defiance – language of light (bumpfoot) TBA
beat.dowsing – knowns on upcoming compilation on Ultimae.

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beat.dowsing – rising.currrent [phoke109] mp3/flac


Release Text:

Good bye, old self, 
welcome to the new century, 
no matter, when it begins. 

The power lies inside the calm. And beat.dowsing again enjoys us with his new album, full of sunny n peacy tracks that warm the winterly hemisphere and properly heat up the current summer hemisphere. 

Phonocake is honored to bring this full length downbeat electronica release by beat.dowsing a.k.a Transient, one of the first musicians who were active in the world wide web. 

And big up n thanks goes out to Kaylee Kopas for providing the great piece of visual art.K00PS.tumblr.com/

Release Page
Full Release (MP3)
Full Release (FLAC)

phokes109 BY  BEAT.DOWSING

renegades (4:13)

non.time (5:03)

goodbye (5:59)

one becomes two (5:18)

it’s up to you (7:13)

bird.tribe (4:33)

heatwave (3:54)

forbidden.territory (4:45)

undeniable.sequence (3:34)

10 rising.current (4:29)

11 microscope (5:51)

beat.dowsing – washed out [trb006] mp3/flac


Release TextCarl Martin has been running Noisy Vagabond, his personal netlabel, for a long time. He’s an old friend that comes from the mythical tracker scene we’re so found of. Normally recording under Transient, he brings us two great tracks as Beat.Dowsing. One is an exploration in poptronica and the other a leftfield, dreamy hip-hop track where he spits some knowl.


transient – chiquesalunga [phoke96] mp3/flac/sunvox

Release Text:

Music, made deep in the woods.
The big rabbit invites you,
to listen to the sounds of the creek,
the trees and the birds.

This release is impressive in some ways. You see the creek depicted on the cover artwork? It’s one of the artists favorite spots to chill and to create music. He produced all the music in the forest using a tablet computer, making most of the tracks in the stunning forests around the albums namesake ‘Chiquesalunga Creek’.

And the artist is none other than one of the root free Netaudio stars online – Transient. Having released last year on Phonocake as Beat.Dowsing we now connected again to bring you his new seven track album under his original moniker.

And that’s not all! You are invited to remix and explore the tracks! — the source files which can be opened in Sunvox are included – a first for Phonocake. Please send any remixes to the artist and to us. Contact and instructions are included in the Source files directory.

Release Page
Entire Release (mp3)
Entire Release (flac)

transient – symphony of curves [dwk196] mp3


Release Text:
This is the special remastered edition of “Symphony Of Curves” EP by Transient (originally self-released back in 2010). A sample-heavy trip into deep downtempo dimensions and a tribute to the music of the 30’s to the early 70’s. Released as MP3 in 2010 on noisyvagabond, Re-Issued and Re-mastered by VPD on Dusted Wax Kingdom in 2013.
Download .ZIP

Tracks list:

fascinating earthbound objects – and so the game has gone [kahvi325] mp3

Release Text:
Bouncy, fun, enjoyable. Three words that can be associated by the latest release by guest artist ‘Fascinating Earthbound Objects’.

A short (18 minutes playtime) ep premier in the style of electronica crossed over with elements of dub and class. Sounds reverberate with slight details, good solid basslines and addictive elements. A worthy addition to the Kahvi catalogue! Track of choice is certainly the ‘can’t get enough of it’ Moonsun.

Mastering at Mnemonic studios, Helsinki, Finland. 

Released as MP3 and OGG in 2012 on Kahvi.


Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : free energy

02 : m45

03 : marigold

04 : moonsun

And So the Game Has Gone (The Game) [Ep. 01]

windows download

beat.dowsing – trigger.melodies [phoke82] mp3/flac

Release Text : 
It’s so great that we can welcome one of our alltime fav netaudio heroes here at Phonocake. KO, this is for you too! Congrats to Phonocake’s ninth birthday. Here comes Carl AKA transient, from somewhere off and on, in and around upstate NY, who’s been present since the beginning of audio and music in the www. He hasn’t released for about two years in a longer format and presents here his first material under the beat.dowsing moniker. Here we go with seven tunes and two bonus remixes to enjoy summer vibes and more.

Thanks to Kaylee Kopas for the Digital Art ‘Luck’, the big eyed rabbit and forest spirit, (http://melancholiah.deviantart.com) and to Lumeet and Carmen Chiles for the remix material. http://www.lumeet.net && http://www.reverbnation.com/carmenchiles

released as mp3 in 2012 on phonocake.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : swervle

02 : solace

03 : i dream with my eyes open

04 : frequency is your identity

05 : chocolate

06 : elo.hymn

07 : 77

Bonus Tracks:

Carmen Chiles – Candles in Harlem (beat.dowsing remix)
Lumeet – Metacharm (beat.dowsing remix)

transient – green butter ep [dwk053] mp3

Release Text:
Transient is back with another release full of lovely loungy vibes, trancy moods, glitch-hop beats and chilled ambience.
Green Butter EP is your perfect music pill to make you feel great and spread the spring freshness.

released as mp3 in 2010 on dusted wax kingdom.

Entire Release : .ZIP

01 : GB intro

02 : time slips away

03 : green butter

04 : it’s a beautiful day outside

05 : pithap

06 : whck

07 : depthgroove

08 : can’t stop my smile

09 : taming content

10 : gb outro