transient – ebb & flow [nvr044]

Album made with tablets and phones in various forest-y places, coffee shops, beaches, and balconies with Caustic 3. Mastered with Mastering (beta) on the beach. Both Caustic 3 and Mastering (beta) are by Single Cell Software ( SHOW SOME LOVE! DONATE: $1 $5 $10 $20 Advertisements

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transient – path-01 [nvr041] mp3

Having taken a break to explore some new projects (most notably beat.dowsing and fascinating earthbound objects), I return from a long hiatus with the first material as transient in over 2 years. Here is the beginning of a series which might be the spiritual successor to the ‘palm cuts’ releases housed here under the noisyvagabond […]

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fascinating earthbound objects – and so the game has gone [kahvi325] mp3

Release Text: Bouncy, fun, enjoyable. Three words that can be associated by the latest release by guest artist ‘Fascinating Earthbound Objects’. A short (18 minutes playtime) ep premier in the style of electronica crossed over with elements of dub and class. Sounds reverberate with slight details, good solid basslines and addictive elements. A worthy addition […]

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