transient – songs ep [nvr031] mp3

Full Release (.ZIP) A nice little collection of various flavored melodic downtempo for your listening pleasure. Made on my lunch breaks at work with the Bhajis Loops software for Palm handhelds. A little Christmas present for you, everyone have a peaceful 2007. Tracklist 1 Tubby Song 4:28 2 Calm Song 6:03 3 Nostalgic Song 3:44 […]

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transient – pxsswxrd [nvr030] mp3

Full Release (.ZIP) Release Text : rather sharp, electronic sounding EP. Some fast tracks, some slow tracks, some glitchier than others. Some more ambient. Released as mp3 in 2006 on noisyvagabond. Tracklist 1 Night Garden 4:06 2 Smiling Faces 4:21 3 Donkey Song 3:13 4 Dreams In A Long Nap 5:09 5 Intermissionary 2:08 6 […]

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